Likewise Much Female For Just One Fellow

Too Much Woman For Just One Man

Sabrina Linn, one of the horniest big-toppers to ever do the naughty at SCORE is back and one lady-killer is not sufficient. It takes 2 this time in Sabrina’s first trio. 2 stunt-hammers will be needed to handle this wild, wild, super-busty super-MILF from Texas. Is Sabrina up for the task? Need we ask? Observe as Sabrina displays that she’s “Too Much Dominatrix-bitch For Just One Ladies man.” Throating, banging, anal, cum swallowing and man juice filling are on the menu for sweet-voiced Sabrina, taking it unbending and giving it back twice as hard. They rail her and she rails them back. That babe is truly a raunchy superwoman living out her dream and exhausting any Lothario who desires to give her his fuck-boner. “I come from a tiny country city where all the cuties are the same, and I wanted to be different. And I didn’t wanna be love ’em, so I had to do smth to set myself apart from every other Texas angel, so I did those things.” And yet, Sabrina is far from the run of the mill sex star in personality and style. She truly is unparalleled. Sabrina has succeeded in her goals and we are very happy to welcome her back one time some other time!

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