Your Flat Fantasy

Your Flat Fantasy

This flattie is a high-energy babe who takes control!

Tysen used to run long distance track (six miles a day) and always did well in school, taking college-level classes early in her senior year. That babe brings this same kind of energy and enthusiasm to her sex life. “I’m concupiscent about 99.9 percent of the time so I have sex beautiful often. And I’m assertive. I’m like, ‘Hey! Fuck me!’ I likewise masturbate daily!”

Tell us a enjoyment sex story, Tysen.

“I got caught having sex in public one time. It was in the front lawn of some party and a biggest group of people strided by and saw us. I ran inside the house arse undressed! It was embarrassing, but it was beautiful a matter of joke, also. If anything, it makes for a worthwhile story to tell people!”

What are your sexual dreams?

“Orgies! Each time I fantasize about sex there is tons of cum, large rods and melons. Ideally there would be numerous aged guys too because I’m indeed into ’em. And cuties so I could lick whip man juice off their vaginas.”

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