Supreme Summer Sinn: Threeway With Claudia KeAloha

Ultimate Summer Sinn: Threeway With Claudia KeAloha

In Part 4 of the SCORE DVD Topmost Summer Sinn, Claudia KeAloha and a male traveler try to receive rooms at a motel’s front desk. The place is booked solid and there is only one room left. They assent to share it so they check in together, but there is no love lost between Summer and Claudia as is sometimes the case with top-shelf sexbombs. Meanwhile, the man sees a great opportunity and this chab knows it. Summer and Claudia look around the place dismissively when they go into. “The room only has one ottoman. Where am I supposed to sleep?” snaps Claudia in a bitchy mood. “You’ll have to sleep on the couch,” Summer replies, just as bitchy and cranky. “The sofa is obscene,” retorts Claudia. “There are cum stains on that thing.” “So u should be used to it!” Summer snaps back, getting bitchier by the second. The catfight is about to escalate but Summer and Claudia resolve that arguing is not plan to hide the fact that they are hawt for every other and for a rock hard dong to engulf on and stick between their legs. And they happen to be roomies for the night with a suitable candidate. Their walking-dildo companion is more than cheerful to be the man-meat in their boob sandwich. Keep quiet and carry a bigger in size than run of the mill meatstick is his prefered proverb. Summer and Claudia receive more than they thought they would acquire. So ends Topmost Summer Sinn–with a a gang bang! Or rather, two bangs! Seek many more Summer Sinn episodes and photo sets at SCORELAND.

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