Sexy For Teacher

Hot For Teacher

Rejoice, allies. Our beauty Vanessa Y. returns this day, this time as a prim and proper schoolteacher in the first of a series of fantasy beauty shoots. Her bunned hairdo and choice of outfit can't indeed conceal her voluptuous sex appeal. That suit is also tight and her décolletage is exposed by her see-through blouse.

Vanessa has to be more of a youth counselor than an English history instructor for this group of rebellious, apathetic misfits. Just adore real life. One of ’em, David, doodles immodest drawings as that guy stares slack-jawed at Miss Vanessa's deep cleavage. His daytime dream comes to life when Vanessa strips and acquires on top of her desk for a lesson plan that's not part of any English history that's allowed to be taught in school. If you're gonna be zoning out, Vanessa is the right prepossession to trip out over.

Bush leaguers will be glad to watch that Vanessa has not split any hairs since her sojourn in the Dominican Republic last year and she has let her garden grow considerably. And there's something else, unless we're completely boob-slappy. Are Vanessa's funbags bigger in size?

Welcome back, Vanessa Y.

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