Vegas Sweetheart

Vegas Honey

Ya got to hand it to the Loser. This chab finds some admirable ones.

This time, we have Heather Anne, an 18-year-old brunette from Las Vegas who tells us, “I used to work at a undress club.” Say what? Used to when? She’s only 18, for goodness sakes!

After the Loser smartly comes to a conclusion not to take that line of questioning any farther, Heather unveils that she avoided lap dancing coz that babe could not dance. But, as you are about to see, this babe can definitely bonk.

Our favourite part of this movie is when Heather is blowing the Loser’s dick and her hair starts getting in the way. That babe kindly asks, “Could you pull my hair back?” knowing that with her hair in the way, we can’t see the wang going in and with out her throat. Obviously, Heather knows what she’s doing.

As cute, little pieces of booty go, Heather‘s right at the top of our list. Five-foot-three but long legs, 105 pounds, 34-24-32, tight little body, B-cup billibongs. Hey, she’s only Eighteen. She’s in mint condition!

So, after the Loser reminds Heather that this babe should be nervous, and after Heather tells us that her father, of all people, knows what this babe is doing, the sucking and banging begins, and it’s definitely worth a jack.

And by the way, Heather Anne, playgirl? You don’t must know how to dance to be a hot dancer.

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