One Night In Knight

 One Night In Knight

Banging in The SCORE Group restroom during the time that the workers went about their busy assignments made the sex even more gripping, obscene and wicked for 42-28-39 Venice Knight, a mature, sophisticated, marvelous lady with large, natural scones who had a yen to try smth fresh and daring in her life.

Getting a bigger than average pecker drilling into her succulent slit from each angle whilst a digi camera rolled was one more experience for Venice as that babe has been a carnal adventuress since she lost her virginity in her boyfriend’s house. She remembered the details. Pink Floyd’s Black Side of the Moon playing. Parents away. Her slit claimed by his knob. It was “fabulous,” to use Venice’s word.

Venice was born in Germany (that babe has a European look) and grew up in the mid-west This babe started department store catalog glamour modeling when she was 16 and kept it up during her Twenty’s and mid-30s. After retiring from commercial modeling, Venice went to school for inner design and opened her own design business.

“I collect underware,” said Venice, who has the appearance of the sort to wear some hot, upscale underware and greet her bucks at the door. “I fantasize about other women’s larger than run of the mill hawt mammaries and being with ’em.”

“If a chap asks me if my large bra buddies are real, I point to his penis and ask him if that is real.”

Venice explained her carnal interests. “I’ve had too many odd sexual encounters to mention! I need a man with skillls. U should ask how often I don’t have sex! Doing porn is not what I thought it would be. It is an art form and it’s interesting. It’s a whole fresh smth to learn, which I love to do. And the majority fantastic part of it’s that I am having sex with new people.”

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