Warm Milk, A Pink Twat & A Man-juice pie

Warm Milk, A Pink Twat & A Jism Pie

There’s truth in advertising. The title of this XLGirls.com glamour photoshoot and movie scene starring a great, fresh glamour model named Marilyn Mayson is “Warm Milk, A Pink Cum-hole & A Man-juice pie.” By no means has one title been so succinct. We are Batty Males when it comes to mams. Marilyn was discovered by an XLGirls staffer who always has his boob radar switched on and scanning for the most valuable babes. Fortunately, Marilyn accepted the invitation to XLGirls and did not think he was solely a avid person with hidden motives. It could be the begin of a gracious friendship between Marilyn and the SCORE Studio where recent, temporary bonds are formed between fellows crazy to satisfy them in erogenous recreation. Marilyn is the kind of beauty who enjoys lots of attention paid to her beautiful and engorged 38H-cup sucklers, perky pointers that can award her lucky worshipper with a taste of creamy teat juice whilst this babe squeals and groans with sheet delight. JC is the recipient of Marilyn‘s dairy joy and Marilyn is overjoyed to have this worshipper open his face hole adore an overgrown baby for her overflowing teat nectar. Marilyn, who can easily engulf her own nipples, and JC gorge on her squeezable mounds until nature calls on them to move south and fill Marilyn‘s squeeze box with his own gift for her, a present of prick for her to engulf on as lustily as that buck sucked on her areolas. After the ecstatic treats of warm milk and a pink muff, it’s time to serve Marilyn the creampie, specially made in her salute. Thanks, Marilyn Mayson, and stay enchanting to the smack until next time.

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