“Why Don’t I Go And Stroke It For You?”

Lynn Love, Twenty one from Miami, Florida, makes us the recipients of a virtual tug job in this point-of-view episode. The boy not at any time says a word, which is great. Lynn says it all. She takes off her panty knickers and slaps her slight, firm wazoo. “Do u adore that? So is this ramrod nice and rigid? Why don’t I go and wank it for u?” She plays with our pecker throughout our shorts and then takes it out. “It feels so precious betwixt my hands,” this babe says. “Do you like the way I move my hands up and down your weenie? Let me take your shorts off.” Then that babe lubes up our shlong, and as if we needed any more aid, she says, “I bet if I expose u my booty, it would turn u on even more.” That babe takes off her knickers, spreads her a-hole and then bows down and strokes our ramrod with two hands. Then this babe bends over and strokes it between her legs. “Let me reveal u my wet crack and watch how you love that,” this babe says. We love it. She can’t live without it, too.

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