World’s Biggest Clitoris?

World's Humongous Adore button?

One of Ashlee Chambers’ attributes that’s the majority commented about is her highly larger than average, exposed clitoris. It is a humongous clit that extends way beyond the hood. Way beyond. Clits this humongous are very uncommon. Hardbody fitness champion Ashlee might have the world’s astronomical clitty. If not the world, then that babe definitely has the gigantic clitoris in SCORELAND. We’ve not ever observed a clit this size. For whatsoever inexplicable reason, Ashlee’s super-clit doesn’t get the proper attention that babe and her clitoris deserve from the world in general. A gent needs to be in top condition to take on this one, much less keep her contented, and that babe admits it. In fact, just one chap probably could not be her anything. She looks like that babe could take on a football team. That babe is likewise got one of the dirtiest, filthiest throats ever heard in a SCORE clip and that is a compliment cuz that babe is a real live wire in her copulate episodes…. We love a goddess who talks love a wench and enjoys acting like one.

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