XL Gals At The Office

XL Cuties At The Office

A day at the office is paradise when Lisa Canon works there. U are at the XLGirls offices of Breastmaster, Knockerphucker and Melonpacker where everyone receives banged. It is not just some other day here. The woman workers managed by Lisa don’t check out the clock, they observe the knob. And they sure do know how to bonk and suck to their hearts’ content. JC’s nine-incher was so hefty, it wasn’t simple to get into Lisa’s muff and mouth. Lisa is one of the large faves at XLGirls. We identified her and nurtured her. That babe is upfront and always down-to-earth. A real girl-next-door who goes the entire nine yards. “I’m kooky,” says Lisa. “I’m bubbly. I like to enjoy. I am the first one to do everything batty, soever it is. I love having coarse sex. But like any angel I like the fleshly, soft, kiss-me, love-me sort of sex. But then there is times when you’re just love, ‘Fuck me!’ I like ’em to pay additional attention to my areolas, and I like to have ’em pulled on, sucked on, licked. I can be perverted. It depends on my mood, and how perverted I wanna receive that day, and how rough I want it. I try to acquire the cum to land from my throat down but if it receives on my face that’s ok!”

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