Do The Twist

Do The Twist

Here at BootyLicious, we’re fans of classic, wholesome entertainment. Especially interactive games like Twister. Which is why our guy Carlos brought his wife over to their precious friend Yazmina Melendez’s place. Carlos’ wife gets a call and has to go pick up their kids. Luckily for him, wifey would not wanna interrupt the game. And that’s when the game indeed gets interactive.

“How’s that?” Yazmina asks when her last spin leaves her sat her phat ‘donk on Carlos’ face.

“I don’t think I can reach the spinner from here,” this stud responds. “But, I don’t think I am concerned with that.”

Yazmina may not be the majority captivating at Twister, but with a classic kewl Latina ‘donk like hers, we know this babe can do the twist.

“Sit on my face,” this woman chaser says. “Bounce that wazoo on my face.”

That is not sufficient for these two, though. An arse like this is made to ride wang. Yazmina slides down and jumps on Carlos’ weenie reverse cowgirl.

“Oh, shag me with that rod,” that babe says. “That jock feels so admirable.”

Yazmina flips around and rides Carlos from the front. Then that ladies man turns her around and smashes that gazoo of hers from the back.

When he is done, he drops a mountain of semen on her ass. We’re sure Carlos cant wait to do the twist with her again.

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